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       100mm Rapid Exchange System

RES A-100

E. Fjeld - RES A100 100mm Autoloader


The Rapid Exchange System (RES) A-100 and A-200 autoloaders allow convenient, automatic sample exchanges while keeping the SEM or FIB host tool under vacuum, greatly reducing pumping time and host tool contamination.  A simple, single-button interface is used to initiate sample exchanges, while five LEDs indicate the current autoloader status. A pincer switch, conveniently located internal to the autoloader, is used to manually actuate the carrier pincers when the user is exchanging samples on the transfer arm.
100mm Automatic Airlock - General

Accepts sample sizes up to 101 mm (4 inches) in diameter easily, quickly and safely

Top-mounted sample viewing window permits sample inspection while in vacuum

Interfaces to tool via integrated motorized gate valve

Highly accurate motorized lead-screw insertion arm assures reliable, repeatable sample loading

Windows-based utilities software provided for system setup / diagnostics


Safety features

Redundant safety interlocks in both software and hardware prevent unsafe autoloader operation

User interlock allows the Host tool to block autoloader operation in unsafe or undesirable conditions

Vacuum interlock prevents gate valve opening unless under vacuum

Sample carrier sensors on both Host tool and Autoloader transfer arm assure safe recovery in case of power failure

Pincer sensors prevent operation if it is detected that the carrier is not properly engaged with the transfer arm

Other interlocks include Gate valve Open / Closed, Drawer open, Arm retracted, Arm extension limit 



Exchanges performed under vacuum, reducing host tool pump down time and contamination

"Quick Fit" dovetail design on sample holder allows automatic sample exchanges, yet holds samples securely

Internal airlock surfaces are highly polished and nickel plated to reduce pump-down time



Optional sample holders available, including single-sample, multi-sample, wafer, and custom

Available vacuum pumps include conventional roughing, Scroll, and Turbo

Quality Assurance

All equipment undergo rigorous inspection and testing

All vacuum components are helium leak checked to current industry standards

Factory integrated to ensure product specification compliance



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