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      100mm x 100mm 5 / 6-Axis Eucentric Stage


E. Fjeld -Gemini Stage


The Gemini Eucentric stage has been designed by the E. Fjeld Company for the LEO 1500 Field Emission series and Focused Ion Beam instruments

The Gemini Eucentric stage is beneficial in many applications, including:

Locating and imaging specific DRAM cells in the semiconductor industry

Examining critical surfaces of medical devices for stress and fractures

Imaging defects and contamination for X-ray analysis

Stable platform for FIB (Focused Ion Beam) operations

Electron-beam lithography and electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD)

The six-axis version of the Gemini stage features a unique, variable eucentric working distance by incorporating a motorized Z prime axis, which allows the sample height to be adjusted perpendicular to the tilt plane while under vacuum.  This advanced design enables a variety of sample heights to be placed precisely at the center of the tilt axis of the stage, allowing the sample to be tilted with minimal image shift. 

Gemini 5 / 6
axis stage

High resolution stepping motors on all axes of the specimen stage.  All motors are internally mounted and vacuum prepped by E. Fjeld Co.
Other features include:

Specimen ground connector for beam current measurement

Optical reference sensors for maximum reliability

Teflon wiring for durability and vacuum compatibility

UST-5500 Internals

Stage Translation

X :  0 - 100 mm

Y :  0 - 100 mm

Rotation : 360 Degrees Continuous

Z :  0 - 43 mm

Tilt : -10 to +60 Degrees

Z prime :  0 - 10 mm

Quality Assurance

Stage and Electronics undergo rigorous cycle testing

All vacuum components are helium leak checked to current industry standards

Stages are transported in a vacuum vessel to minimize contamination during shipping

Also Available:
Coordinate Storage Software

Software package designed for storage and recall of axis coordinates.  Allows several different modes of addressing, including absolute, offset absolute, and relative.

Stage Control Software Optional

 Additional Images For Gemini

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